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> Let's see if any of the remaining OpenWrt devs at least publicly support
> adopting them or some variation of them.  As I've said before my
> impression is that LEDE-style rules are not all that welcomed (and
> that's based on the interactions I saw on the private openwrt channels
> when I was a developer, not just a pure outsider view; it's possible my
> impression is wrong, but the toxicity described previously was in large
> part negative reaction by folkds in the LEDE team to toxic comments from
> at least one of the remaining OpenWrt devs; certainly it damaged my
> opinion of him (although the toxicity also damaged my opinion of a
> couple of LEDE folks too)).

It's not as if LEDE offered the changes to OpenWrt and we voted against 
them causing a split -- there was literally no discussion and no warning 
prior to the public announcement. LEDE just suddenly existed and the 
story quickly became that the reason for their existence was because 
OpenWrt somehow prevented them from making changes. At no point did 
OpenWrt veto changes or even have the option to; the truth is that we 
agree changes need to be made. By not including OpenWrt in the 
discussions LEDE ran afoul of their own transparency leading to the 
false impression that OpenWrt was somehow against the changes, causing a 
split in the community in terms of LEDE vs OpenWrt with various amounts 
of hostility on the mailing lists. None of this is healthy or constructive.

Let me be very clear: nobody on the OpenWrt side is against the changes 
LEDE is trying to make. It is our position that this whole thing is a 
misunderstanding and that the projects should attempt to merge again. I 
have been trying to arrange talks between the two sides but between work 
schedules, timezone conflicts and FUD regarding the split it's been very 

- mbm
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