[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing the LEDE project

Valent Turkovic valent at otvorenamreza.org
Fri May 6 06:48:47 EDT 2016

I'm an outsider, have nothing to do with OpenWrt developement but
still work on few projects which depend on OpenWrt as awesome project
that enables us to do our projects (wifi mesh networking) but also do
professional jobs for clients using OpenWrt as embedded os for lots of
different applications.

We have "suffered" both on volunteers side (wifi mesh) and on
professional side by infrastructure failing... mirrors, wiki, forum...
you name it, all of it was down quite a lot in last few years, and on
IRC or mailing list you couldn't get concrete and timely answers. This
is a HUGE red flag for any size project.

Also even if we hd really good developers who know what they were
doing (I'm not that one) we couldn't get patches into trunk without
knowing somebody in the inside circle who has commit access, so
patches would get ignored... and kept in our own git... this is also a
really huge red flag.

I have convinced companies that I work for to donate money towards
OpenWrt so you have some budget for infrastructure, and I'm sure that
there are lots of other people who could also get some funding, but
answers I got on IRC were really dissapointing - that there is now was
to give donations towards better infrastructure or any other kind of
collecting funds...

These are all signs of poorly managed open source project/community
and I welcome any change in any direction that aims to fix any of
these issues... so fork away and make things better. Go LEDE team!
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