[OpenWrt-Devel] Introducing the LEDE project

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Thu May 5 11:58:18 EDT 2016

On 16-05-05 11:38 AM, Jonathan Bennett wrote:
> There is plenty of blame to go around, I think.  Seems like the Lede
> guys should have had the decency to at least inform the Openwrt
> leadership privately that they were planning this venture.  The surprise

The problem is that LEDE is pretty much who should be considered
"OpenWrt Leadership" IMO as they are the majority of ones doing the
actual work.  This isn't like working for some bad corp (I currently
have good managers so it's better than for me even at work) where there
are (supposed to be) execs making the decisions regardless of what those
doing the work think.

> announcement must have felt very much like a stab in the back. "Et tu,
> brute?" and all that.  I think they want a "friendly fork" as much as
> possible, but they dropped the ball in how they announced it.  I suspect
> that a private email to mbm and kaloz could have gone a long ways
> towards heading off problems.  As has been pointed out, the public

I think the reason for no private email was either fear of retaliation
or something major had already happened 'behind-the-scenes' that made
that moot.

I'm not sure their silence is entirely their choice as well (as in I
find the lack of any posts has me wondering if they can post).

> announcement should not have come from an @openwrt.org
> <http://openwrt.org> email.

That much I agree with.

> That said, deleting their emails was totally uncalled for.  Seems that
> those should be restored, perhaps with the caveat that they are more
> carefully used with regards to Lede, aka, not for publicizing or
> promoting it.
> Guys, for the love of the project, the users, and all else that is good,
> please don't make this a ffmpeg/libav split.  Openwrt has been an
> amazing thing for a long time, and if mishandled, this has the potential
> to actually kill it.
> The changes that the Lede guys are suggesting would be welcome, but
> splitting the project and community with an ugly fork is very much not
> welcome.

Let's just say that there are strong personalities who haven't been
working well together and that this has been a long time coming; perhaps
if something like using a mediator had been considered before things got
to this point it would have helped.  At this point I'm not sure there is a
solution unless both sides are willing to bend a little (I'm really not
sure who has been flexible and who has not, but as I have said I suspect
a large part of the issue is that 'management' (who aren't and don't,
really) has overruled those doing the majority of the work and in an
open source project that doesn't fly).


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