[OpenWrt-Devel] Release Builds // On #22930 kmod-batman-adv, batctl: Wrong dependency

yanosz freifunk at yanosz.net
Mon Jul 25 18:19:12 EDT 2016

Hello folks,

I stumbled up on a dependency-problem while rolling out a community wifi
network (also known as freifunk).

The bug itself is documented in https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/22930 and
it doesn't look like a real big thing:
The batman-adv packages depends on an old kernel not in use anymore and
is not installable by that. The solution appears to be simple too:
Rebuild the release package while building the kernel with  the correct

I addressed this issue on IRC .. and this is serious - imho:

[20:38:01] <yanosz_> I guess it's easy for you to trigger a rebuild of
two packages ... isn't it?
[20:39:21] <olmari> yanosz_: hmm... I see you do might have found an bug
in that regard... indeed an "repo" for 15.05.1 should ofcourse be
compatible with itself :D
[20:39:41] <KanjiMonster> yanosz_: unfortunately due to the openwrt/lede
split it isn't quite as easy. and yes, the ropos are borked - some are
even missing the full packages feed

I'd like to make a few points. Rolling out a community wifi network
based on openwrt I have some serious concerns:

- Building and releasing is probably the most essential part of any
softtware and hardware project out there.
- Building and releasing is easy (compared to testing, developing) and
can be automated using CI-services to full-comfort level.
-Re-Building and Releasing is VITAL to fix security vulns ASAP and
should take no effort.
- Due to automation, building is not rocket-science anymore and can be
reduced to clicking the "build"-button in a CI-server's UI.

IMHO: The ability to build (or rebuilt) a packages is crucial for
OpenWRT's existence and the lack people (or the reccent fights and
arguments) is a dangerous reasoning: OpenWRT will neither survive
without the ability to build & release, nor do the past weeks/months
reason the technical status of the project existing for more than a decade.

To make this clear: IMHO this is neither the time nor the situation to
get stucked discussing about whose's to blame and who's good or evil.
This is the time to think about the project's existence.

This a harsh words - I know. And as a freifunker I'm not that into
OpenWRT .. but I think that this is serious.

Greetz, yanosz

For those of you without hope, we have rooms with color TV,
cable and air conditioning
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