[OpenWrt-Devel] [musl] regex issue / asterisk / musl / sed

Szabolcs Nagy nsz at port70.net
Mon Feb 29 08:53:48 EST 2016

* Bastian Bittorf <bittorf at bluebottle.com> [2016-02-29 13:57:36 +0100]:
> root at box:~ echo 'o*o' | sed -e 's/*/asterisk/g'
> sed: bad regex '*': Invalid regexp
> root at box:~ echo 'o*o' | sed -e 's/\*/asterisk/g'
> oasterisko
> it's musl 1.1.14 on OpenWrt / r48814
> both commands are working fine with glibc and uclibc
> but the first invokation fails with musl 1.1.14 but
> works with musl 1.1.13. unsre if the prob is on my
> side, maybe $you have an idea...

yes, i introduced this regression in

because i missed the special * behaviour for BRE,
but even before that ^* was broken so just reverting
the patch is not enough, handling * after an anchor
or assertion correctly needs more code changes.
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