[OpenWrt-Devel] regex issue / asterisk / musl / sed

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Mon Feb 29 07:57:36 EST 2016

dear hackers,

i cannot find any former issue with that,
but want to document this here. I spotted
an issue in one of our scripts and it boils down to:

root at box:~ echo 'o*o' | sed -e 's/*/asterisk/g'
sed: bad regex '*': Invalid regexp
root at box:~ echo 'o*o' | sed -e 's/\*/asterisk/g'

it's musl 1.1.14 on OpenWrt / r48814
both commands are working fine with glibc and uclibc
but the first invokation fails with musl 1.1.14 but
works with musl 1.1.13. unsre if the prob is on my
side, maybe $you have an idea...

bye, bastian
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