[OpenWrt-Devel] A quick note

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Tue Feb 23 03:24:44 EST 2016

On 23/02/16 02:31 AM, John Crispin wrote:
> On 23/02/2016 08:23, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
>> I am reprioritizing my project queue and as my attempts at openwrt
>> contributions get either curt/rude (sorry John, I know you complain
>> about my wordiness, but for the majority of world who aren't robots
>> *excessive* brevity comes across as rude and maybe even hostile, which
>> is why openwrt has such poor community involvement these days), NAKs
>> with a lack of constructive suggestions, or ignored, I am cutting my
>> losses and moving on.
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
> Hi Daniel,
> shame to hear. when you started sending us patches i contacted you
> privately and sent you a "welcome back to openwrt" and a message of
> understanding of why you left and why you returned. you responded with a

That's odd, not only do I not remember this message, I have not to my 
knowledge deleted any messages since before I started contributing 
again, and the first  private message I can find from you is message id 
<568A2310.9090008 at openwrt.org> dated Mon 4 Jan, 2016 in which complains 
that I am too wordy and has no "welcome back".

On the list the first message I can find from you is message id: 
<567278DB.3020703 at openwrt.org> Thu, 17, Dec 2015 in which comment on the 
poor comment for a patch (it was mistakenly submitted with an indeed 
poor description, but that's rather not the point you were trying to make).

The first message I got frustrated in was message id 
<56922899.8040208 at daniel.thecshore.com> Jan 10 2016

Which was due to a curt rejection of patch for whitespace issue I 
couldn't even see with my software configuration, and was after you had 
complained at me of my wordiness, and about another patch, rather 
curtly, and I had just been frustrated by large patch series being 
rejected by Felix for reasons never previously indicated anywhere, in 
what was a rather abrupt and seemingly hostile manner.

> profuse explosion of throwing everything to the floor complaining that
> the world was doing you bad and that you wont send patches again, then a
> week later you continued just to throw it all down again.
> i really wish you luck and hope you solve your problems. you are always

Yes I have had problems, but I certainly don't see support (or have 
memory) of your claimed kind words, and I certainly don't feel welcome, 
or that I am actually even getting patches looked at, except for some 
that get a curt NAK.

> welcome here. i hope next time you return you will understand our best
> intent when we try to work with you to get a sustainable review process
> in place.

Two developers with varying degrees of contribution from others (what 
certainly looks like the case of openwrt today) is not a sustainable 
model nor allows for a sustainable review process, so I'm not sticking 
around in expectation of that day arriving.

Heck even Jow hardly contributes any more, and after you and Felix, the 
next most frequent committer I see doesn't visibly participate in the 
mailing list or patch review.

Perhaps there is much more going on than I know about, but in that case 
you folks have a serious communications crisis.  Certainly it is not 
apparent from -devel that there are discussions and review occuring, and 
what does happen on -devel tends to be of such brevity (and usually of 
the bare-bones NAK, X is bad form) that it drives away potential 
contributors - in case you hadn't noticed, I kept trying for longer than 
most contributors you NAK; perhaps you should think about why that is 
(hint: it's not because the majority of the world has no attention span 
or interest, given friendly response, even when not accepted as is).


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