[OpenWrt-Devel] A quick note

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Tue Feb 23 02:31:42 EST 2016

On 23/02/2016 08:23, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> I am reprioritizing my project queue and as my attempts at openwrt
> contributions get either curt/rude (sorry John, I know you complain
> about my wordiness, but for the majority of world who aren't robots
> *excessive* brevity comes across as rude and maybe even hostile, which
> is why openwrt has such poor community involvement these days), NAKs
> with a lack of constructive suggestions, or ignored, I am cutting my
> losses and moving on.
> Regards,
> Daniel

Hi Daniel,

shame to hear. when you started sending us patches i contacted you
privately and sent you a "welcome back to openwrt" and a message of
understanding of why you left and why you returned. you responded with a
profuse explosion of throwing everything to the floor complaining that
the world was doing you bad and that you wont send patches again, then a
week later you continued just to throw it all down again.

i really wish you luck and hope you solve your problems. you are always
welcome here. i hope next time you return you will understand our best
intent when we try to work with you to get a sustainable review process
in place.

we wish you all the best for the coming months !

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