[OpenWrt-Devel] LuaJIT Vs Lua and other questions

Anton D. Kachalov mouse at yandex-team.ru
Thu Aug 4 02:13:53 EDT 2016

Hello, Jo.

30.06.2016, 20:35, "Anton D. Kachalov" <mouse at yandex-team.ru>:
> 30.06.2016, 18:50, "Jo-Philipp Wich" <jo at mein.io>:
>>  Hi Anton,
>>  the problem is that there is no working PROVIDES mechanism in the
>>  buildroot.
>>  We could only modify the Lua package to either build Luajit (for
>>  supported arches) or PUC 5.1 one, depending on a menuconfig setting.
>>  Can't think of a better solution.

I took a look. From the dumpinfo perspective, there have to be either:
1. two distinct packages (luapuc and luajit) that provides lua, liblua, etc.
2. virtual packages (lua,liblua,etc) that requires either luapuc/libluapuc/... or luajit/libluajit.

Here are sample patches for the second approach:


For both ways there is a problem with BuildHost. It's not possible to split luapuc/luajit to separate directories while the host build path cached in tmp/.packagedeps.
I still looking for a way how to build two different packages (from different sources) from one Makefile.

Anton D. Kachalov
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