[OpenWrt-Devel] Renaming trunk to Dxx Dxx ? Or seperate name for Trunk?

Tobias Welz tw at wiznet.eu
Wed Sep 9 11:24:14 EDT 2015

> 	We ran into this issue recently, where the switch to musl subtly changed the regexp behavior of grep, and where it took a while to realize that the reporter was on musl while all other testing machines where not. Having had a "DD rNNNNNN” version string somewhere early in the report might have helped figuring out the root cause faster… ("Chaos Chalmer Bleeding Edge" in retrospect should have been signal enough, but it was not).
BTW: Why does the trunk has to be "renamed". The trunk is always recent, 
so it could also have a persistent name like "Bleeding Edge" (BTW: is 
this a cocktail?) and it would be always clear, that you are on the 
trunk. Similar like Debian Unstable (trunk) is always called "Sid".

Or at least there should always be an addon on the name, like mentioned 
before "Xxxx Xxxx Bleeding Edge".
Even I use OpenWrt since Whiterussian, this is the first time I ran into 
this pitfall.
I recently submitted a patch and it was absolutely not clear, why the 
patch will not directly end up in "Chaos Calmer" (Release) when it had 
been submitted to "Chaos Calmer" (Trunk).

So I absolutely vote for some clear consistent naming of the trunk and 
seperate names for the releases. (What about some Cocktail with a letter 
from the end of the alphabet like Z.... Z.... or X.... X.... in case 
there exists one)

>> but especially the recent telnet removal is rather prominent change for users. From documentation / advice / forum discussion perspective it is rather frustrating that both trunk and 15.05 are still referenced as "Chaos Calmer".
>> Having trunk renamed to something Dxxx Dxxx would clarify things.
> +1
+1  (that there should be some renaming soon - to discuss what is best)
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