[OpenWrt-Devel] SVN to GIT transition

Felix Fietkau nbd at openwrt.org
Mon Oct 12 04:46:27 EDT 2015

On 2015-10-12 10:14, Steven Barth wrote:
>> What would your preferred workflow be? Please list the exact series of
>> steps for it.
> So to summarize, based on the current workflow:
> 1. Be able to send mails (and change status) from within patchwork, e.g.
>     how you can do it in trac, just that it gets send out to the ML and the author instead
>     of being just hidden in some UI.
Maybe you could suggest that to the patchwork author.

> 2. Download a whole set of the patches (e.g. one patch series)
>     without having to do it for all patches indivdually (e.g. like Github let's you download
>     a whole pull-request as a single patchfile). I'm fine with it even not keeping track what
>     patches belong to which series, but just having e.g. a page with checkboxes where
>     I can tick patches and some where on the bottom click "download series as .patch".
Just select a bunch of patches, put in a name at the bottom of the page
and click "Create bundle". You can download that bundle as .mbox

> 3. Have some kind of tool that applies stuff locally (but I guess one could write some
>     handler and associate that with .mbox or .patch and just click on the downloaded
>     patch (serieses) and apply them like that).
> 4. Ideally have some sort of integration with a bugtracker.
What kind of integration and for what purpose?

- Felix
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