[OpenWrt-Devel] SVN to GIT transition

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Mon Oct 12 04:14:49 EDT 2015

> Step 5 is unnecessary, patchwork sends emails on status changes.
Okay, it seems it does this only for the original submitter, right?
I guess it might come in handy to send it to the ML as well, or at
least make that possible in the WebUI.

> I usually copy the mbox link from patchwork and do this: wget -O- <link> | git am
Yes, I guess that is easier than pwclient. Though it doesn't solve patchsets really.

>> Compared to Github, Gitlab or Gerrit this is bullshit.
> Even with those, there is some bouncing around in counter-intuitive ways
> if your process includes testing a commit before pushing it.
Yes, this is true and I see that really as the main valid point for criticism.
Ideally you want the "magic merge" only happen to your (local?) branch
and not the main one and then manually send off a batch of staged commits
manually via git push, so that would be the downside of using one of those

> What would your preferred workflow be? Please list the exact series of
> steps for it.
So to summarize, based on the current workflow:
1. Be able to send mails (and change status) from within patchwork, e.g.
    how you can do it in trac, just that it gets send out to the ML and the author instead
    of being just hidden in some UI.

2. Download a whole set of the patches (e.g. one patch series)
    without having to do it for all patches indivdually (e.g. like Github let's you download
    a whole pull-request as a single patchfile). I'm fine with it even not keeping track what
    patches belong to which series, but just having e.g. a page with checkboxes where
    I can tick patches and some where on the bottom click "download series as .patch".

3. Have some kind of tool that applies stuff locally (but I guess one could write some
    handler and associate that with .mbox or .patch and just click on the downloaded
    patch (serieses) and apply them like that).

4. Ideally have some sort of integration with a bugtracker.
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