[OpenWrt-Devel] Suggestions anyone - EasyBox 904 xDSL (Lantiq xrx200)

Arnold Schulz arnysch at gmx.net
Fri May 29 19:58:30 EDT 2015

Hi Martin,

> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 5:50 PM, Arnold Schulz <arnysch at gmx.net> wrote:
>> My current questions center on the .dts settings:
>> 1. How to access WLAN hardware
> Do you know if wifi is connected via PCI or PCIe?
> You then need to configure the corresponding pins in the pinmux section.
> Of course you also need to set up the bus in the dts.

I don't know. According to console output PCI seems to be recognized, for
PCIe there are error messages ("pcie_rc_initialize link up failed!!!!!").
The lspci command shows nothing.

Console output from a dts trial is here:

which corresponds to my dts file in

BTW, console output from orig. firmware is here:
(concatenate bootlog-part1-console.txt and bootlog-part2-netlog.txt)

There I find only the following PCI or PCIe related messages:

   [    0.346000] ======= ifx_gpio_register (10,PCI) ======= kernel init
   [    0.354000] ======= ifx_gpio_register (11,PCIE) ======= kernel init
   [  121.742000] setUsbPciInfo() cpu_to_usb_addr_shift[5]:0x00000000, usb_to_cpu_addr_shift[5]:0x00000000
   [  121.751000] usb_pci_probe() Found Synopsis OTG-1, baseAddr:0xbe101000, IRQ:54
   [  121.758000] setUsbPciInfo() cpu_to_usb_addr_shift[6]:0x00000000, usb_to_cpu_addr_shift[6]:0x00000000
   [  121.767000] usb_pci_probe() Found Synopsis OTG-2, baseAddr:0xbe106000, IRQ:48
   [  121.774000] usb_hcd_init() probe PCI function:2 !!

This leads to the assumption, that USB is connected via PCI. But lspci shows
nothing, while USB seems to work. lsusb shows two busses and I could mount a
vfat USB stick.

I played around with pinmux settings, inspired by looking at other dtsi
and dts files, but could not recognize any effects.

If you suggest changes of the dts file, I will try them and report the

>> 2. Recommended settings for this phy-thingy
> There are no "recommended" settings.
> Let's start at the top:
> vr9_phy11g_a2x.bin -> used if you have 1gbit ports, otherwise you
> need to load vr9_phy22f_a2x.bin.

I understand. The EasyBox 904 xDSL has 1Gb Ethernet, so vr9_phy11g_a2x.bin
is the right one.

> Have you already figured out which phys are connected (your dts states
> that you get a reply on 0x11 and 0x13 (those are *probably* LAN 3 and 4).
> There should be two more, possible addresses are: 0x0, 0x1, 0x5 and 0x14.

Here I had made many tests and I think I tried all or allmost all combinations of
    reg = <X>;             // X = 0, *1, *2, 3, 4, 5             used in other profiles
    phy-handle = <&phyY>;  // Y = *0, 1, 5, *11, 12, *13, 14     *=most use in other profiles

Console msgs told about successfull attachment only for values &phy11 or &phy13,
but then networking via ethernet did not work any longer.

BTW: Which phy-mode (gmii, rgmii or even mii) to use in 'phy-mode = "..."' lines?
Is this also a variable I should play with?

> If the LEDs are directly connected (the other option is they are connected
> via STP) then it's pretty easy to find their GPIOs by taking the script from [0]
> and modifying it a bit.
> Same for the buttons, only that you configure the GPIOs in "in" (input) mode
> and read the value instead of writing it.

> [0] http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/hardware/port.gpio
I keep these good hints in mind for later.

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