[OpenWrt-Devel] lantiq DSL drivers / firmware info

Sylwester Petela sscapi at gmail.com
Mon May 4 17:16:48 EDT 2015

W dniu 2015-05-04 o 21:13, Johannes Berg pisze:
> On Mon, 2015-05-04 at 21:00 +0200, Martin Blumenstingl wrote:
>> Like I previously said: there's probably something wrong at my end.
>> I have the Annex A version of the TD-W8970 and I am trying to use it with
>> my Annex B ADSL connection (for the record: I am not using a splitter).
>> While trying to connect the dsl_cpe_control tool reports:
>> "Wrong combination of DSL PHY Firmware and hybrid type used! Please
>> change one of it."
> I've never seen that, but which firmware are you using?
> I'd been using the speedport 1.21
> (e1ef690e8dc0075468d4b6ba7bcdd0fc710bc671) one IIRC.
>> So either my configuration is still incorrect or the modem is somehow
>> (probably a hardware configuration, maybe via a resistor) configured to
>> enforce a different hybrid or Annex type (this is pure speculation though).
> Are you on VDSL Annex B, where you'd fall back to ADSL 16/1 when
> vectoring isn't supported? If so, this configuration should work:
> config vdsl 'dsl'
>          option annex 'b'
>          option firmware '/lib/firmware/vdsl.bin'
>          option tone 'b'
>          option xfer_mode 'ptm'
> (actually I think you can/should remove the "annex" line)
> On my previous ISP I was on Annex A, but I don't have the right
> configuration right now.
>>> Note that the system seems to be too slow for 100 Mbps though, so this
>>> is somewhat academic, it can't do 100 Mbps NAT in my tests. I'm probably
>>> going to replace it with something faster and leave VDSL to a separate
>>> modem.
>> I am interested in your test results, even though it's purely academic :-).
> First I'm going to replace this router with one that's faster, and then
> I'll start playing with this :-) Right now I need it to have internet
> connectivity.
>> Someone else has tested the new driver in the meantime (using Annex A,
>> no VDSL): [0]
>> It seems that the modem syncs and is even able to connect (as far as I
>> understand with some manual steps), but after a few minutes the connection
>> drops.
> Interesting. I don't think I ever saw any connection dropouts ever.
> OTOH, I occasionally had the whole system spontaneously wedge itself and
> require a power cycle, so ...
> johannes

No dropouts, system flooded with:

[  456.056000] DSL[00]: negative response for MsgID=0x2B0A 
(Class=0x00003100) - on try 0!
[  456.764000] DSL[00]: Error for send CMD MsgID=0x2B0A - KEEP line!
[  456.768000] DSL[00]: ERROR - ReTx PM counters read failed!
[  457.032000] MEI_DRV[00 - 01]: ReadAck[0x2B0A] - FctOP ERROR 0x31!

and after about 20-30 min hangs, after disabling ReTx at build system 
stays online for at least 6 hours (didn't test further) with some 
warnings repeating every two seconds:

[  458.772000] DSL[00]: WARNING - Data Path counters are not supported 
for the FE!

vectoring and ReTx works acording to friend but system log shows some 
errors as well like on my ADSL line but not so many.

On ADSL and also on VDSL with never firmware and errors/warnings 
appearing in log, system is under quite big load, compared to stock drivers.

Probably we need dsl_control script to be reworked, as new features 
aren't present in it and stock/default config isn't the best.

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