[OpenWrt-Devel] MI424WR Rev I Hynix NAND Error

Conor O'Gorman i at conorogorman.net
Thu Mar 5 04:38:55 EST 2015

On 04/03/15 18:14, James Hilliard wrote:
> I wrote the image to flash using tftp from uboot, I'm having trouble
> isolating the cause of the ECC errors, what I'm not sure of is if
> there's a quirk with the Hynix NAND that the Eon NAND doesn't have.
> It would appear that the Hynix and Eon NAND chips are used
> interchangeably for this router model(this was tested on 2 of the same
> model where that appears to be the only difference), the odd part is
> that the Eon NAND works without issue so I would assume that the Hynix
> NAND is sensitive to a particular setting that the Eon is not as the
> stock firmware does not appear to differentiate any settings between
> the two NAND chips from what I could tell by looking at the stock
> source code.
> We tried changing the chip-delay parameter in the openwrt dtsi file to
> match the GPL source
> https://github.com/jameshilliard/actiontec_opensrc_mi424wr-rev-i_fw-40-21-18/blob/34b1f338344ebd36543c9fbcb4870bb6f6914cb8/rg/vendor/marvell/feroceon/linux-2.6/arch/arm/mach-feroceon-kw2/nand.c#L211
> but that didn't seem to resolve the issue.
> Would you have any suggestions on what I should try next or how to
> debug this further?
> Are there any non-standard settings in the GPL source that stand out
> as needing to be configured in openwrt for this NAND chip to function
> correctly?

Uboot has commands to examine nand flash, in particular it can dump the 
ECC data. It might be useful to check it for the different chips, and 
also for stock router, and after you store the new image.

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