[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] Improve wifi speed up to 2 times in AP mode.

N.Leiten nickleiten at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 14:16:58 EDT 2015


There's some general problem in hostapd configuration for several devices
was observed. In vanilla trunk versions of openwrt I got nearly 40-45Mbit/s
speed on Ralink RT5350 based devices and Atheros AR71xx platform (tp-link
wr841nd). The problem was in /var/run/hostapd-phy0.conf. It seems it is not
enough just set 'wmm_enable=1' to actually enable WME/WMM on interface, it
also need all WMM related keys be set. So I just added it with standart
definitions from hostapd.conf to /lib/netifd/hostapd.sh.

As a result I got full 100Mbit/s on AR71XX platform and 70-80Mbit on
Ralink. I think it is good performance improvement at this moment.

Patch was created against current trunk version.
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