[OpenWrt-Devel] Alsa-lib (libasound) segfaults on TLS variable (musl on mips)

Szabolcs Nagy nsz at port70.net
Wed Jun 24 19:08:48 EDT 2015

* Szabolcs Nagy <nsz at port70.net> [2015-06-24 22:57:54 +0200]:
> the bug is that mips tls access uses a hard coded -32768
> offset relative to whatever __tls_get_addr returned.
> and musl did not account for this offset.

only affects mips shared objects with 'static __thread' variables,

extern __thread variables worked fine (and only those were
tested in the libc-tests).

> the attached patch fixes the issue for me,
> we will fix it in musl soon.

better patch attached that undoes the offset for extern tls
vars in relocs handling.. (and with more consistent naming)
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