[OpenWrt-Devel] Controlling POE passthrough via GPIO

Lars Kruse lists at sumpfralle.de
Mon Jun 22 19:48:36 EDT 2015


within our wireless community we are using a couple of devices with the
following features:
* powered via POE through their first ethernet plug
* another device can be powered via the second ethernet plug (POE passthrough
  switchable via GPIO)

The POE passthrough feature can be controlled via GPIO pins.
For our most common devices (Nanostation M5 and TP-Link CPE510) these are GPIO
pins #2, #8 or #20 (depending on the model).

Currently we are using a custom script (see attached) for these models.

I have the feeling that this kind of hardware capabilities should be available
within openwrt (similar to the LED setup).

Is there anything related already implemented within openwrt?
If not: where would you recommend to put it?


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