[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH procd] service: start apps with LD_PRELOAD & lib disabling buffering

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 02:00:06 EDT 2015

Hey Rafał,

Rafał Miłecki <zajec5 at gmail.com> writes:
> +	char ld_preload[64] = {}; /* Has to be big enough for all cases */
> +		if (ld_preload[0])
> +			strcat(ld_preload, ":");
> +		strcat(ld_preload, "/lib/libpreload-seccomp.so");

I understand C is often like that but still using strcat here makes me
feel uneasy. Proper range-checking would require a bit more code, but
it's a one-time coding/reviewing and a neglectable runtime cost.

> +static void __attribute__((constructor)) setnbf(void)
> +{
> +	setbuf(stdout, NULL);
> +}

Not sure if no buffering or line buffering would be the best choice

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