[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v4 0/2] Support Ubiquiti Unifi Outdoor Plus HSR filter

Stefan Rompf stefan at loplof.de
Tue Jun 16 17:14:05 EDT 2015


so we arrive at the fourth iteration of the patchset to support the HSR of the 
Ubiquiti Unifi Outdoor Plus access point. This version implements the 
suggestions from Felix. We lost the feature to avoid tuning the same channel 
multiple times in a row, but this should not be critical.

The HSR is a configurable RF filter in the receive path that must be tuned 
according to the selected Wifi channel for the access point to work.

Patch 1 adds a ubnt_hsr flag to struct ath9k_platform_data and enables it for 
the Outdoor Plus access point.

Patch 2 adds the HSR tuner to the ath9k driver as a configurable option, 
controller by the ubnt_hsr flag.

The patchset is based on work of Kirill Berezin and me.

The patch is against chaos_calmer branch and running on the access point 
right now. It applies against trunk, too, however this resulted in a bricked 
access point that did not boot at all. I don't know if that happened because 
of the patch, the new libc or due to Alexander's conversion to the new build 
code. I'm happy that I could recover via TFTP and I'm not too eager to retest 
trunk because the device is borrowed.

I also compiled the brcm47xx platform successfully.

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