[OpenWrt-Devel] Linux 4.x

Varka Bhadram varkabhadram at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 04:53:09 EDT 2015

On 06/08/2015 01:36 PM, Baptiste Clenet wrote:

>>> I've edited variable KERNEL_PATCHVER:=3.18 to KERNEL_PATCHVER:=4.0.4
>>> in target/Linux/ramips/Makefile in order to get Linux 4.0.4 installed
>> Also you need to specify the configuration file for 4.0.4 kernel.
>> just copy the file target/linux/ramips/mt7628/config-3.18 as
>> target/linux/ramips/mt7628/config-4.0
>> I hope it will resolve this error.
>> --
>> Varka Bhadram
> Thanks Varka, I copied the files, I'm trying to make now. On question
> came up, what about patches? There are many patches for Linux 3.18, is
> there any for Linux 4.0? target/linux/ramips/mt7628 only contains a
> folder for 3.18 patches.

There may be so-many patches merged into 4.0 from patches-3.18 directory..?

I just created a directory with the name patches-4.0 under
target/linux/ramips/ .

I think its a bad solution. But the build was successful and able generate the
binaries in bin/ramips directory. I don't know whether these binaries working
or not. I don't have hardware to test these binaries.

I only copied one patch from patches-3.18 to 4.0 to fix one build error.
i.e., 0103-MIPS-OWRTDTB.patch

Hope it helps. Its just a shoot in the dark for your problem.

Test it and update the results.


Varka Bhadram
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