[OpenWrt-Devel] ar71xx: How to integrate UniFi AP Outdoor Plus HSR?

Stefan Rompf stefan at loplof.de
Wed Jun 3 16:36:38 EDT 2015

Hi Felix,

> I think deferring this to user space might mess up timings during fast
> active scans. I'd prefer to have a callback in ath9k_platform.h that
> allows the platform code to provide a hook which implements this.
> That way the changes to ath9k stay very small, and the code is still
> quite simple.

this would move the hsr driver into the kernel image, wouldn't it? That's IMHO 
a maintenance nightmare as it would force us to flash a new image whenever we 
want to update or even debug the driver.

What about this solution:

-Add the possibility to register a channel change helper in ath9k.ko. As with 
your idea, this is only a very small patch that all ar71xx targets would 
have to carry.
-Make the hsr driver a channel change helper .ko
-Install the hsr kernel module only into the UniFi Outdoor Plus image.

Like in the attached RFC patch (that has be applied manually).

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