[OpenWrt-Devel] Regarding bridge multicast-to-unicast patch

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Wed Jun 3 02:50:48 EDT 2015

Thanks for the quick reply.

On 03.06.2015 08:26, Linus Lüssing wrote:
> For IPv6 and a non-zero IPv4 source address it'll use the normal
> IGMP/MLD querier election mechanism, meaning the one with the lowest
> IP address will become the selected querier and the only one querying
> on the link.
So especially for v6 - since the kernel doesn't do IGMPv3 / MLDv2 - this
effectively downgrades all the bridge links to ASM then (at least with a
50% chance, i.e. when the kernel wins due to lower MAC-address), which
is a bit meh.

Now remaining question is, does the kernel detect if there is a
userspace-querier running on the same machine and silence itself then?
If not we probably need to address this as well somehow.


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