[OpenWrt-Devel] How to activate Device Tree on the Raspberry Pi and add a device?

Michael Neurohr michael.neurohr at nxp.com
Fri Jul 10 04:49:07 EDT 2015


I'm trying to integrate a new hardware connected via I2C into OpenWRT.

I already integrated the according driver so that it shows up in the menuconfig under "Kernel Modules -> Other modules".

To get I2C working I also activated the modules (<M>) kmod-i2c-bcm2708 and kmod-i2c-core.

Now I would like to integrate my hardware which is connected via I2C into the Device Tree.

For some platforms I found the dts and dtsi files in target/linux/platform/dts. But I did not find these files for the Raspberry Pi.

However I found some patch files in target/linux/brcm2708/patches-3.18/ which seem to integrate some hardware info into the device tree.

So what would be the best way forward to integrate my device into the device tree?




OpenWRT version: Latest version from git.openwrt.org/openwrt.git

Hardware: Raspberry Pi B (brcm2708)

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