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Le 5 juil. 2015 20:20, "John kerry" <kerry9842 at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Hi ,
> Hope you are doing great. I am working on Atheros QSDK.

You might get better support by contacting whoever maintains this QSDK ad
it is an OpenWrt derivative, however as far as OpenWrt is concerned, see

i am able to compile the source code successfully and able to upgrade the
firmware using openWRT Luci GUI too. The OpenWRT being a linux distro for
embedded platform already has IPtables implemented. Before compiling the
source code i have to do a make menuconfig and enable the netfilter module
in networking. This would enable IPtables and compile it. Is my
undersatnding correct?

By default, OpennWrt comes with iptables and netfilter enabled.

> Could you please guide me to write the Iptables rule. Basically i have to
write the rules for iptables/NAT for the following condition.
> Router mode with NAT and iptables, the web page access to be available
only to LAN (WiFi/Wired).
> I have one LAN and one WAN Connection, the LAN ip set to some static IP
to access the GUI.

All of this is done by default by OpenWrt provided that you keep the
default selection of packages. You may have to ask the build system to
include luci (web gui) to include it in the image creation.

A lot of this is covered in details on the wiki, of course, working with
QSDK instead of the mainline OpenWrt, your mileage may vary.
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