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John kerry kerry9842 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 23:20:32 EDT 2015

Hi ,

Hope you are doing great. I am working on Atheros QSDK. i am able to
compile the source code successfully and able to upgrade the firmware using
openWRT Luci GUI too. The OpenWRT being a linux distro for embedded
platform already has IPtables implemented. Before compiling the source code
i have to do a make menuconfig and enable the netfilter module in
networking. This would enable IPtables and compile it. Is my undersatnding

Could you please guide me to write the Iptables rule. Basically i have to
write the rules for iptables/NAT for the following condition.
Router mode with NAT and iptables, the web page access to be available only
to LAN (WiFi/Wired).
I have one LAN and one WAN Connection, the LAN ip set to some static IP to
access the GUI.

Thanks & Regards,
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