[OpenWrt-Devel] Huawei 3372 NCM support on CC not working

Matti Laakso malaakso at elisanet.fi
Wed Jul 1 16:15:39 EDT 2015

> I'm still unsure which devices the actual control interface is, usually
> I end up using /dey/ttyUSB1 but test with USB0 and cdc-wdm0 as well to
> be sure for lack of better understanding. As far as DHCP is concerned,
> do you mean DHCP by udhcpc/dhcpcd was working or the somewhat hacky
> AT^DHCP? approach? Which one should be working?

With huawei_cdc_ncm you should use /dev/cdc-wdm0. Regular DHCP client
should work since the firmware in the stick provides a DHCP server. I
was able to get an IP-address a couple of times with udhcpc, but no
other data transfer was possible. AT^DHCP on the other hand always
works, since NCM transfer is not involved.

> The thing that puzzles me most is that either I'm totally doing 
> something
> wrong here or we're fighting some kind of regression, since people in
> austria have obviously had success before, which influenced my choice
> to get this device, since it's so simple to get online with it... NOT :)
> http://www.lteforum.at/mobilfunk/huawei-e3372-openwrt.1739/#post-26074

I really doubt that E3372 non-HiLink is working for anyone on Linux. The
HiLink-version on the other hand does work, since again, NCM is not
involved. Note that many other Huawei modems do work correctly with
huawei_cdc_ncm, e.g., E3276.

> There also seems to be an external driver package from huawei,
> but I'd rather have this fixed natively and open-source, without
> having to rely on binary driver packages from huawei.

According to Enrico Huawei's own driver works also with E3372, but I
remember I was not able to compile it for a relatively recent kernel.

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