[OpenWrt-Devel] Huawei 3372 NCM support on CC not working

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Wed Jul 1 14:41:42 EDT 2015

chrono <chrono at open-resource.org> writes:

> IIRC I've already mentioned that I've tried the -arp approach
> on the openwrt test and also did this on the gentoo box:

Ah, sorry.  You document much better than I read :)

> The thing that puzzles me most is that either I'm totally doing
> something
> wrong here or we're fighting some kind of regression, since people in
> austria have obviously had success before, which influenced my choice
> to get this device, since it's so simple to get online with it... NOT :)
> http://www.lteforum.at/mobilfunk/huawei-e3372-openwrt.1739/#post-26074

I cannot explain this.  But then again I cannot explain the problems we
suddenly started having with several different Huawei NCM modems.  When
Enrico first wrote the huawei_cdc_ncm driver everything was working

What I do know is that Huawei have a large number of different hardware
and firmware combinations, sharing parts of the firmware across
different hardware implementations. It is possible that the problems we
are seeing is caused by a firmware upgrade at some point.

Or maybe I broke all this while messing around with the cdc_ncm

> There also seems to be an external driver package from huawei,
> but I'd rather have this fixed natively and open-source, without
> having to rely on binary driver packages from huawei.

Huawei actually give you the full source of that driver, complying with
the GPL. Which gives them an extra star in my book :)

But I do agree that it is better to find the root cause and fix the
problem in mainline instead of depending on an out-of-tree driver.
Enrico is working hard on this, and I am sure he will eventually fix
it.  I feel bad about not having looked at his patches yet, but the fact
is that I don't have much to offer despite what he thinks.  I don't have
any of these failing modems, and I have absolutely no clue about what
went wrong here.

A nice user recently sent me a Huawei ME936, and I was hoping that this
would allow me to look into the problem.  But it appears to be a
completely different device (Intel based) with it's own set of quirks.
Not really related even if it also is a Huawei NCM device.

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