[OpenWrt-Devel] Codenames dark and dirty ?!

phadros phaidros at subsignal.org
Thu Jan 29 04:36:45 EST 2015


 as rumors have told there is an upcoming release and there shall be a
name for it.

 I believe the atm chosen candidate "dark destroyer" is not really a
well chosen name for a nice piece of floss software, tho it might be a
delicious drink.
 Imagine going to a friend / fellow mesh dude / customer and telling
them: hey I'm gonna install "dark destroyer" on your device, that makes
things waaaayyyyy better, believe me! *evilgrin*.

 The other top candidate "dirty diamond" has so much more to offer for
the release, the project and the community. It includes the brilliance
and capabilities of the OpenWRT project and software, and still has some
hack'ish, shrugging attitude - imho.

 It would be great to let the community vote for the proper name, as I
personally feel that "dark destroyer" might just be the wrong choice :)

 my 2 cents!
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