[OpenWrt-Devel] QEMU 2.0.0

Florian Fainelli florian at openwrt.org
Wed Jan 21 18:52:05 EST 2015

On 21/01/15 09:08, Ning Ye wrote:
> I am just wondering if anyone maintains QEMU in OpenWRT toolchain.  I want
> to use QEMU 2.0.0 or later as it fixed VHD virtual disk issues.  Of course,
> it has dependency on other library which is not simple to upgrade. That's
> where I am stuck now.  

Right, we don't want to pull in all of these libraries, can you find a
way to build qemu-img only, because this is the only thing we use from a
qemu host-build?

> I am currently use QEMU 2.0 separately from OpenWRT build and manually run
> the tools on my Linux Host to convert and generate VHD images.
> Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.  Thanks.
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