[OpenWrt-Devel] network/znc: Package binaries appear to be broken by MIPS16

Oliver olipro at 8.c.9.b.
Mon Jan 19 03:04:04 EST 2015

Having compiled an image yesterday with ZNC with a MIPS24kc target and 
MIPS16 enabled, I found that it would eventually crash after starting so 
I ran it in the console and found the segfault was due to an "illegal 
hardware instruction" - consequently I edited the Makefile to disable 
MIPS16 compilation for ZNC and reflashed it. This time there were no 
such issues. Can anyone else confirm this to be the case? Obviously it 
would be better if MIPS16 compilation could be fixed but I'm not able to 
get visibility into where the bad code is generated.

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