[OpenWrt-Devel] procd/inittab with a delayed console

Owen Kirby osk at exegin.com
Fri Jan 9 16:51:22 EST 2015


Thanks for the suggestion, this particular driver was being loaded from
/etc/modules.d, however even when I moved it into /etc/modules-boot.d it
still doesn't create /dev/ttyGS0 in time for procd to start the console.

I'll try fiddling around with the load order to see if I can get it
working without my changes to procd


On 15-01-09 04:33 AM, Stam, Michel [FINT] wrote:
> Hello Owen,
> I was wondering, is the kernel driver for your console not placed in
> /etc/modules-boot.d ?
> /sbin/init executes procd, but prior to doing this executes kmodloader
> to load all modules in /etc/modules-boot.d. If your module is mentioned
> in this directory, this should load your console driver, thus making it
> available before procd checks /etc/inittab.
> This, to me, seems the most logical solution, as consoles should be
> available to the init process early on during boot, and not hot-plugged
> in afterwards. Do you agree?
> To put modules in /etc/modules-boot.d, make sure that their
> KernelPackage definition contains:
> AUTOLOAD:=$(call AutoLoad,<NUM>,<MODULE>,1)
> Where <NUM> is the load order and <MODULE> is the name of your kernel
> module (or modules). The presence of the ,1 argument indicates whether
> the module is placed in /etc/modules-boot.d or /etc/modules.d.
> Kind regards,
> Michel Stam
> Embedded System Engineer
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