[OpenWrt-Devel] procd/inittab with a delayed console

Owen Kirby osk at exegin.com
Fri Jan 9 16:15:39 EST 2015

On 15-01-09 09:51 AM, Karl Palsson wrote:
> "Stam, Michel [FINT]" <M.Stam at fugro.nl> wrote:
>> This, to me, seems the most logical solution, as consoles should be
>> available to the init process early on during boot, and not hot-plugged
>> in afterwards. Do you agree?
> Well, I don't.   What about a usb serial port?  I'd like to plug in the
> usb cable, providing vbus to power up a cp210x, which then becomes a new
> /dev/ttyUSBxxx and I'd like inittab to offer me a console there.  It's not there at boot though...
This is actually very close to what we're doing on this board, it has 
two console ports: one
is a UART which the bootloader and kernel are using, and a second 
console port which is really
just a USB device controller. The UART lines are a pain to get to 
without a soldering iron so
under AA and BB we would just connect a laptop into the USB port and get 
a console on the router.

However, it's not quite real hotplugging since /dev/ttyGS0 is present 
whenever the driver is
loaded, just that it depends on the USB gadget drivers which get loaded 
a little too late for
inittab to find it. Hotplugging does sound like a cool feature though.

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