[OpenWrt-Devel] General questions about the direction of switch drivers

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Feb 17 10:00:01 EST 2015

David Lang <david at lang.hm> wrote:
    >> I have stumbed my toe on 3800 with trying to build tagged switch ports
    >> where I have a few ports with explicit VLAN tagging, joined together
    >> in the switch, and also exposed to the host.  I think it should work,
    >> but I mostly just wound up screwing up my CPU port.  I have some 3800
    >> with serial consoles now so I should try this out.

    > I've been using tagged and untagged switch ports on the 3800 for a few
    > years now (I use them for the Scale conference and we have a rather
    > complex wired infrastructure), the only problem I ran into was the
    > issue of the ports being numbered backwards on the outside of the box.

The situation which I wanted was to have a port with three or four tagged
interfaces visible to the kernel.  Of those tagged LANs, I then wanted to
have some of the visible on another physical port, untagged.

The tagged port goes into a (cisco) SOHO switch, and talks to a bunch of VMs,
etc.  The untagged ports get wired to a couple of other "critical" systems:
the other AP in the house, a VoIP phone (via PoE injector).  This lets me
put the 3800, and phone on a UPS seperate from the switch and VM hosts.

    > For the conference, I use one port on the switch as my WAN port
    > (trunked) and then configure the other three ports to specific VLANs. I
    > configure the 'wan' port to be trunked as well, but generally only end
    > up using it to daisy-chain another AP off of.

So, what I want to do ought to be possible, I've just failed to get it
configure properly.

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