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Just came across this on another list, looks interesting, thought some of
you might  be interested,

About this project

As we all know, Raspberry Pi is an open source hardware computer, and
Arduino is an open source hardware microcontroller. Where is the standalone
open source hardware for networking without any PC support?

The ONetSwitch project sets up an open source Software Defined Networking
(SDN) platform that make it easy for you to create new network

What is ONetSwitch?

Open Source Hardware
ONetSwitch is a notebook-sized Quad Gigabit Ethernet Ports SBC based on
Xilinx Zynq SoC, which combines the software programmability of ARM
processors with the hardware programmability of FPGAs.

With a FPGA programmable accelerator (Efficient Bitcoin Miner System), five
Gigabit Ethernet ports, Up to 3GB DDR3 DRAM, SATA connector, and Mini PCIe
interface for WLAN Card (OpenWrt on Zynq).

Open Source Reference Design
ONetSwitch provides several reference designs available on GitHub. Each
reference design consist of open source FPGA Hardware(RTL Code), Linux OS
and open source software, sharing your mind and contribute to our community.

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