[OpenWrt-Devel] couple questions about downloading for a new build

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Sep 11 08:30:44 EDT 2014

  first, i created a local mirror with all the tarballs i downloaded
during an earlier build, and configured a new build to use that, and i
noticed that the download operation *copied* over the tarballs into
the dl/ directory. is there any reason that symlinks aren't used,
rather than doing actual copies? wouldn't symlinks work just as well?

  also, i wondered if building the host tools would take advantage of
already-installed host tools that match the exact version that openwrt
needs. in my new build, the version of "patch" required is ostensibly
2.7.1, which is precisely the version already installed on my host,
but it appears the patch-2.7.1.tar.xz tarball was still copied (from
the local mirror, admittedly) into the dl/ directory.

  i haven't followed the Makefile structures far enough yet to see
what should happen, but a comment in tools/Makefile reads:

# in case there is no patch tool on the host we need to make patch tool a
# dependency for tools which have patches directory

which *seems* to suggest that the build will look for patch already
installed on the host and take advantage of it if it's there.




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