[OpenWrt-Devel] Watchdog support for AR531x and potential lockup

Sergey Ryazanov ryazanov.s.a at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 18:43:19 EDT 2014

2014-10-13 19:48 GMT+04:00 Sergey Korolew <ds at bittu.org.ru>:
> Hello !
>>> 1. Watchdog timer always decrement until zero, it cant be stopped at all.
> SR> Yep, same for AR2315+ SoCs. And if interrupt acknowledged by writing
> SR> one to ISR, then the timer starts counting again from 0xffffffff and
> SR> generates another one interrupt.
> Not for ar531x, timer does not overlapping zero on those devices even
> if ISR flag cleared, and, actually, produce next interrupt.
> So, setting timer to 0xffffffff does not harm both platforms.
What do you mean, when you say that 0xffffffff does not harm?

> SR> Hardware reset doesn't work on AR2315 since hw bug and cause freeze if
> SR> issued by watchdog. See details in AR2315 reset routine in
> SR> arch/mips/ar231x/ar2315.c
> I tested hw reset on ar531x, and it works. Are you tested it ?
AR2313 and AR2317 SoCs are reset fine by watchdog, but AR2315 and
AR2316 SoCs just hung.

> Comments in ar2315_restart function are about different situation,
> not watchdog reset.
> SR> I would like to propose use different device id strings (e.g.
> SR> ar2315-watchdog and ar5312-watchdog) to distinguish SoCs models. This
> SR> would help to solve several issues:
> SR> - twisted registers (passing adjacent registers via different
> SR> resources seems a bit odd),
> Why ? +4-4 address play looks worse for me :) Who cares how registers
> placed in address map, if we can use two pointers for them ? :)
Passing all registers as one block, make /proc/iomem look nicer :)

> SR> - possibility of hardware reset,
> SR> - detection of watchdog clock frequency, since according to Axel Gembe
> SR> patch DWL-2100AP's watchdog timer ticks at 48MHz.
> Well, interrupt generated each 96 second on my DWL-2100AP, 0xffffffff/96
> resulting in 44Mhz clock.
I tested several boards: DWL-2100AP (AR2313), FON2202 (AR2315),
LiteStation2 (AR2316), DIR-300 (AR2317) and got the following results:

Board BogoMIPS Min Max Mean Stdev
DWL-2100AP 179.60 47.782 49.353 47.866 0.189
FON2202 182.68 42.200 42.268 42.227 0.014
LS2 182.68 22.229 42.375 42.265 0.019
DIR-300 182.68 42.220 43.466 42.278 0.145

> 40 MHz - 107 seconds timeout
> 48 Mhz - 89 seconds
> 60 sec limit should be enough.
> For me watchdog routines should be as simple as possible,
> without bells and whistles because of their life-critical
> status.
Totally agree with you. And my proposal applies only to driver
initialization, and not to its main code.

I will send my driver version as soon as it be ready.

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