[OpenWrt-Devel] Default dhcp (client) hostname is unset - Luci implies $(hostname)

Justin Vallon justinvallon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 19:39:22 EDT 2014

On 10/8/14 4:06 PM, Christian Schoenebeck wrote:
> About LuCI and the applications/scripts behind I can say that the "default" 
> is normally not set in the config because it's done in the scripts/apps as default.
> As stated by Jow something like "none" doesn't work.
> The placeholder is a good thing to show the user what kind of entry is needed to put in.
> It's completely removed (no longer displayed) if you start to edit the field.
> The "default" is written to the field and you can edit it as you like because it's a text field.
Understood.  However, if no input is provided, the DHCP client sends no
hostname.  In that respect, it is not a default, but a sample value. 
Contrast this with "DNS server port" = "53", which means that if no
input is given, the DNS port is 53.

I surveyed the <gray> values in my Luci interface, and most of them use
<gray> to display the default value of a parameter (ala DNS port).  The
DHCP & DNS parameter DNS forwardings is a fake default (not really the
default value), as well as Interface / DHCP hostname (again not really
the default value).  While it is clear that "/example.org/" is a
sample value, it is not clear that the default DHCP hostname is unused.

I would suggest that these fields be reexamined, because they are
inconsistent with the behavior of all the other fields:

1) DHCP hostname should be empty, no "gray" value.
2) DNS forwardings should be empty.  Help could indicate: "Format is
/domain/server, or server for fallback"

I thought the following were bogus, but they appear to be meaningful,
from a quick check:

1) Domain whitelist = "ihost.netflix.com", which resolves to,
so that default appears meaningful
2) Bogus NX Domain Override = "", which reverse resolves to
hit-nxdomain.opendns.com, so that default appears to be meaningful as well.

JustinVallon at gmail.com

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