[OpenWrt-Devel] desperately seeking info on this weird MT7620A/MT7610EN dev board

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Oct 7 19:06:32 EDT 2014

  i apologize for repeating some of what i asked on the users list
recently, but i'm rapidly running out of ideas and would be massively
grateful for any assistance.

  just yesterday, i was handed an obvious development board, based on
the MT7620A processor, and MT7610EN radio chip, and was asked to look
into what it would take to get openwrt running on it. first thing i
did was plug it in, connect to the console port and, sure enough, it
booted to a version of openwrt -- PandoraBox -- which would appear to
be a chinese version of openwrt.

  i connected the board via ethernet and browsed and, sure enough, i
was shown the top-level luci admin page but, again, all the captions
were in chinese (that was easy enough to fix). so, that the board can
support openwrt seems fairly obvious, but here's where i'm having

  there is absolutely no identification on the board as to the
manufacturer and, weirdly, no one who supplied the board knows where
it came from, so i have no system reference manual. (the board comes
with a full-size SD card slot which would be great to boot off of, but
i have no idea what format the card requires.)

  so, first, i can see with openwrt trunk that MT7620A support is
pretty solid -- that's the selection i made in menuconfig. but what
about support for the MT7610E? i can see that, when i build, one of
the squashfs images is for a mt7620a_mt7610e combination, so that
makes me optimistic. and i can also see the MT7620a_MT7610e.dts device
tree source file, so this makes me conclude i should be safe here.

  next issue is that the radio chip clearly shows, not MT7610E, but
MT7610EN. i can find little online about this variation -- is it
compatible with the MT7610E?

  finally, given that this board looks like *someone's* dev board,
would anyone know where it might have come from? there's no
manufacturer name on it anywhere. in the ramips dts file MT7620a.dts,
i can see a reference to a "Ralink MT7620a + MT7610e evaluation
board". might that be it? i'd post a pic but i signed an NDA, although
since no one has any idea where the board came from, i'm not sure what
i'd be disclosing by posting a pic.

  i'm open to any information i can get, particularly support for that
MT7610EN radio chip. thanks muchly.



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