[OpenWrt-Devel] Mips Creator CI20 OpenWRT support.

José Vázquez ppvazquezfer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 15:44:56 EST 2014

Few weeks ago i've received a Mips CI20 and began to port it to
openwrt using kernel 3.18-rc4.
For now only few peripherals work "fine" but is more than i initially expected.
Still there are a lot of peripherals to be included, but for initial
tests is enough for me.

The cpu performance is a bit disappointing if is taken in mind that
runs at 1'2GHz and the ethernet tests with iperf showed <80Mb/s with
one thread and <65 with 100.
Compiling without generic patches 132-mips_inline_dma_ops,
259-regmap_dynamic, 305-mips_module_reloc,
306-mips_mem_functions_performance and 309-mips_fuse_workaround I were
able to enable msc1 and test brcmfmac, but no success: the driver
recognizes the bcm4330 but it is unable to configure it correctly.

Now i'm working to add the remaining drivers that work with kernel
3.16. What i previously made was simple rebases from the code wrote by
Zubair Lutfullah and Paul Burton with a couple of changes in pinctrl
and dma drivers.

Any comment will be very appreciated.

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