[OpenWrt-Devel] willing to donate a MTK MT7620A/MT7610E-based router to anyone who wants to work on one

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Nov 21 08:27:52 EST 2014

   [apologies for sending to both lists, i wanted to make sure i  
caught everyone who might be interested; feel free to delete either  
recipient when replying.]

   following up on my earlier pleas for help with getting openwrt onto  
*any* kind of mediatek-based router or eval board, i'm more than happy  
to buy anything appropriate and donate it to someone who's in a  
position to get openwrt onto it.

   my latest attempt was with a d-link DIR-810L, for which it appeared  
someone had installed openwrt somehow, but i was unable to do it  
through the original GUI, and ripping it apart and connecting to the  
serial port did not give a reliable console port -- partial garbage,  
even though one could see valid output in the midst of all the  
garbage. (we tried every combination of baud rate, parity and so on.)

   so, in short, i have yet to track down either an eval board or  
commercial router that incorporates the MT7620A SoC and MT7610E 5G  
radio chip and on which i can install openwrt that i build myself.  
bonus points if such a thing has a PCIe slot for a broadband modem,  
that would be delightful.

   if you can help and want a free modem/eval board out of it, i'm  
more than happy to supply one in return for instructions on how to do  


p.s. if you're an openwrt hacker in the Ottawa area, that would be  
cool, too, let me know.
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