[OpenWrt-Devel] Netifd support for tunnels and address configuration

Hans Dedecker dedeckeh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 12:28:09 EDT 2014

Hi Baptiste,

I have added GRE support (gre/gretap/grev6/grev6tap) in netifd which I'm currenlty testing. The implementation looks the same as for 6rd/dslite tunnel interfaces (thus allowing to set mtu/ttl/remote end point); additonally it allows to set gre specific parameters (ikey/okey/iseq/oseq/...)
I'm planning to submit the patches in one of the next weeks.


>I am currently adding GRE support for OpenWRT, based on 6in4 support [1] (since I couldn't find any documentation).
>What is the proper way to support address configuration for tunnel interfaces?  It seems redundant to handle static address configuration for each tunnel type, especially with the new ip6* options in BB.  We could even imagine doing DHCP over a tap tunnel (for instance gretap).
>My use case is several GRE interfaces, each with a static IPv4/IPv6 configuration.  Currently, I am using "proto none", creating tunnels and assigning addresses in /etc/rc.local, but I'd like to move to native OpenWRT configuration.
>Intuitively, one would like to only define the tunnel parameters in the "proto {gre,6in4,6to4}" block (such as remote endpoint, mtu, ttl, etc).
>Then, we would use a "proto static" block, relating to this new interface, to handle address configuration.
>Is it possible?  If not, what is the right way to configure addresses on a tunnel interface?
>[1] http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/network#protocol.6in4.ipv6-in-ipv4.tunnel
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