[OpenWrt-Devel] Mips Creator CI20 OpenWRT support.

José Vázquez ppvazquezfer at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 05:46:41 EST 2014

I've been working to add support for the CI20 to openwrt and, despite
some problems I'm unable to fix, the board works stable with openwrt
(more or less). :(
Here is a bootlog:

As someone pointed the JZ4780 is not a very good SoC (even he said
CI20 is crap), but it performs better than I initially expected,
specially in few areas. Of course it haven't the performance of
PowerPC, Marvell or IPQ806X.

IMHO some drivers are not enough good and need to be improved (few of
them a lot, like irq), but as some of you know I haven't the skills to
make it.

Any advice will be very welcome.



2014-11-26 11:19 GMT+01:00, Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
<Zubair.Kakakhel at imgtec.com>:
> Hi Jose,
> On 25/11/14 20:44, José Vázquez wrote:
>> Few weeks ago i've received a Mips CI20 and began to port it to
>> openwrt using kernel 3.18-rc4.
>> For now only few peripherals work "fine" but is more than i initially
>> expected.
>> https://github.com/Pteridium/OpenWRT-experimental/blob/ci20-alpha/README.md
>> Still there are a lot of peripherals to be included, but for initial
>> tests is enough for me.
>> The cpu performance is a bit disappointing if is taken in mind that
>> runs at 1'2GHz and the ethernet tests with iperf showed <80Mb/s with
>> one thread and <65 with 100.
>> Compiling without generic patches 132-mips_inline_dma_ops,
>> 259-regmap_dynamic, 305-mips_module_reloc,
>> 306-mips_mem_functions_performance and 309-mips_fuse_workaround I were
>> able to enable msc1 and test brcmfmac, but no success: the driver
>> recognizes the bcm4330 but it is unable to configure it correctly.
> I've traced this all the way back to the dma driver :)
> For a working tree with wifi check out
> https://github.com/ZubairLK/CI20_linux/tree/wip-ci20-v3.16-wifi-bt
>> Now i'm working to add the remaining drivers that work with kernel
>> 3.16. What i previously made was simple rebases from the code wrote by
>> Zubair Lutfullah and Paul Burton with a couple of changes in pinctrl
>> and dma drivers.
> Quite a few drivers with working code can be seen in my work-in-progress
> tree.
> https://github.com/ZubairLK/CI20_linux/tree/wip-ci20-v3.16-merge
> They should help.
>> Any comment will be very appreciated.
> Great work on porting OpenWRT to the CI20 :)
> blog about it if you have one.
> Cheers,
> ZubairLK
>> José
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