[OpenWrt-Devel] patchwork has moved

John Crispin blogic at openwrt.org
Wed Dec 10 04:19:40 EST 2014


patchwork has moved, to https://patchwork.ozlabs.org

we would like express our thanks to Jeremy for creating and maintaining
the patchwork project and also for being kind and hosting it for us.

we are using this move to also cleanup our queue as there are ~500 old
patches, some of which are several years old.

our intent is to respond to every patch in the new patchwork and close
all none merged patches after 2 months.

if you have a patch inside the old queue that is not inside the new
queue then please resend the patch.

the new patchwork is the master effective immediately.

those that had a admin account, please setup a new account and contact
me directly so that we can set the admin flag on your new account

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