[VOTE] Switch 'master' to 'main' branch for repositories

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Mon Mar 6 01:14:35 PST 2023

On Mon, 2023-03-06 at 10:06 +0100, Imre Kaloz wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Mar 2023, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > On Sun, 2023-03-05 at 23:02 -0300, Fernando Frediani wrote:
> > > It may seem a little thing now but it may have the potential do open
> > > doors to other bad things in terms of expression. As mentioned example
> > > is important, even in the smaller things.
> > 
> > The idea that this sets any kind of precedent is completely bizarre.
> > 
> > Language changes *all* the time. Words which were polite and
> > acceptable, especially those we use for certain minorities and
> > disadvantaged groups of people, eventually end up being considered a
> > derogatory term and considered unacceptable.
> Yes, but not "on behalf of others" has nothing to do with how language 
> changes, it's just the straight up trojan horse of autocrats.

That's just nonsense. It's almost *always* on behalf of others. Changes
*only* really start to happen when it isn't just the vocal minority,
but gets taken up more widely. As in this example.

Dude, you have a right to free speech, but your right to say it doesn't
make it any more sensible or reasonable.

It almost sounds like you're as bad as the normies, having a mostly
emotional reaction to the very idea that we should tweak our
terminology a tiny bit to seem more welcoming, and be decent people.

Because the actual technical cost here, while not entire zero, is
probably less effort than we've spent on debating the topic already.

If you want to spend your life campaigning for access to git
repositories to be trivial and people never to lose a few seconds
having to tweak the URL, go campaign for port 9418 to be open on all
corporate firewalls, or at least for the firewall rules to be set to
*reject* rather than drop. Now *those* extra seconds you gain for
people might actually be worthwhile, and the gains might continue into
the future rather than being long-forgotten by the end of the year.
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