[VOTE] Switch 'master' to 'main' branch for repositories

Imre Kaloz kaloz at dune.hu
Mon Mar 6 01:06:20 PST 2023

On Mon, 6 Mar 2023, David Woodhouse wrote:

> On Sun, 2023-03-05 at 23:02 -0300, Fernando Frediani wrote:
>> It may seem a little thing now but it may have the potential do open
>> doors to other bad things in terms of expression. As mentioned example
>> is important, even in the smaller things.
> The idea that this sets any kind of precedent is completely bizarre.
> Language changes *all* the time. Words which were polite and
> acceptable, especially those we use for certain minorities and
> disadvantaged groups of people, eventually end up being considered a
> derogatory term and considered unacceptable.

Yes, but not "on behalf of others" has nothing to do with how language 
changes, it's just the straight up trojan horse of autocrats.


> I appreciate that a of people in our field don't see it, but language
> comes with emotional subtext. Some normies... sorry, so-called
> "neurotypical people" have such a disability in this area that they
> can't even hold a coherent conversation and stick to the point without
> getting side-tracked by the emotional inferences they're making all
> over the place.
> And yes, I'm completely on board with the eye-rolling at this sudden
> objection to the word "master", and privately of course I'm thinking
> the same as many of us... "they're taking random emotional inferences
> at *WHAT* now?".
> But that's just normies for you. They do that. Always have, always
> will. Can't help themselves.

The ones you call here "normies" are a really loud really small minority, 
mostly consisting of people who are not neurotypical, just on a different 
part of the spectrum than most of us.

The very same people who claim that this is just a single simple change to 
make hypotheticalfuture contributors feel better in the hypothetical 
future are the very same people also claim this will not open pandora's 
box and it does not go against your freedom. Yet, when they need to 
reason, they say the online world has to change to accomodate the changes 
of the real one, but bringing up historical examples of the same political 
tactics from the real world make them claim "it won't happen here".

Now that access to the online world became easy for the masses, we have a 
lot of people who have issues fitting into both worlds demading that 
everyone should take their issues/feelings in account - and not so 
surprisingly, those with a political agenda are happy to use this group as 
an excuse and/or cannon fodder for their goals.

I had a long argument about this with marcan once on twitter. Most of us
came to this new "digital land" to escape from the real world and we've
conquered it for ourselves. The rules of "this land" were pretty much
summed up in the hacker manifesto and other than thar, it has always been
"the wild west". Do you think it's okay to let the ancien regime take over 
the control here? Do you believe that it's fair to force us go and find 
yet another land/reality as outcasts again, just becaue we made this one 
way too convinient for the meek and bad actors?


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