[VOTE CLOSED] Use GitHub issues instead of bugs.openwrt.org

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Wed Feb 9 02:29:52 PST 2022


I herewith close this vote. Future votes or vote changes should not change the result.

The switch to GitHub Issues was accepted, 20 out of 37 eligible voters are in favor.

Additionally, 4 are against, 7 stayed neutral and 6 did not participate the vote.

A vote record is available below:

I’ll proceed and open the GitHub issues and figure out a strategy to keep the knowledge of bugs.openwrt.org available. Logins to the current bug tracker will be disabled (except admins) and a notification is added describing the move.

For everyone voting against GitHub Issues or raising concerns, this is not necessarily an eternal decision, if alternatives turn out to be better solutions, we move again.

Thanks everyone for participating and the lively discussion.


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