OpenWrt virtual meeting (July 2020) meeting notes

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Sun Jul 26 10:50:25 EDT 2020


Here are the meeting notes of our virtual meeting on 13. July 2020.


# Release blockers for next major release

* update kernel 5.4
** ramips (mt7620, rt****): kernel gets too big?
** bcm47xx/bcm53xx still testing-support for 5.4

** jow posted patches
** QCA 8k switch does not support VLAN
** if there are problems or VLAN is not support we stay at swconfig
** swconfig -> DSA config migrations
*** no migration support for now
**** The default switch config should be applied old config should be
** Luci does not support DSA VLAN configuration yet
** newer ramips boards, marvell boards affected, [extend list].

* Include SSL lib
** wolfssl gives WPA3 support + TLS for web
** hostapd does not support mbedtls

* ixp4xx: Ethernet broken
** this is a big endian ARM target
** is already removed:

* toolchain:
** binutils update
*** possible.
*** Are there any bugs with the current version? No.
** GCC update
*** too risky
** musl 1.2
*** there are blockers, MIPS not working?
*** probably after the branch

* image Json metadata is needed by downstream projects
** should be fixed also in 19.07, just has to be activated in build bot
*** ([19.07]Backport latest
JSON patches)

# Adding new members
* Adding non coders as members
* Is this about membership and voting rights or code contributions?
* We do not have a policy for contributing code from insiders only for
* Having CI and binary builds also for the staging trees would improve

* Add extra table for "inactive members" on the website
* Rule 4. Committers being unreachable for three months in a row shall
get their commit and voting rights revoked in order to retain the
ability to do majority votes among the remaining active committers.
* No conclusion, will prepare better in next meeting and continue.

# How to improve reviewing and accepting all the open pull requests /
* Auto close or reject after some timeout?
* Add a tag in github for the stages
** patchwork does not support labels
* probably some changes to the infrastructure after the SFC migration

# firmware selector?
* Is it too simple?
** People could be unaware of two variants for one device (e.g.
** Power users can browser the directories
* Rafał will look at patches
* see above for JSON metadata, esp.
needs to be merged. Paul is currently preparing a patchset for 19.07

# Summer of Documents
* multiple people want to take part

# Next meeting?
* Do we want to do this again?
* When do we want to do this again? In 2 months?
** Next meeting in a month
** probably meetings every months or more often when we do a release
** Hauke creates a poll for the date and time in about 4 weeks

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