T-Shirts with OpenWrt logo

Alexander 'lynxis' Couzens lynxis at fe80.eu
Wed Jul 22 10:37:14 EDT 2020

Hi Paul,

thanks for moving this idea forward.

> a long time ago lynxis told me his idea of "contributor" shirts which 
> would be send for free to people contributing 10 or more commits to 
> openwrt.git.

The first step would be a t-shirt.

I wasn't sure about the criteria as well how we finance it. It
shouldn't be focused on developers alone. A lot of the projects does it
similiar (e.g. gitlab, coreboot, ..).

> I like the idea and as I'm running out of cool shirts, I quickly 
> extracted the logos from the style guide and mocked some shirts.
> Please see the attachments for both the used logos and the shirt
> mock-up.

I was about to meet with a designer in the next week to design

> For the mocking I used spreadshirt.de which is a company based the
> same city I used to live in, likely there are other other printing
> companies offering similar services. I chose the default fair-trade,
> high quality, bells and whistles shirt and added the full logo to the
> front, the wave logo to the back. It costs 28 Euro (plus 5 Euro
> shipping) and $27 in the US shop. It's not cheap but covers all the
> work around it, like international shipping and should also be some
> decent quality.

I vote against this specific shop and have a strong opinion on
this. If you like to discuss this, let's do it in another thread.

For europe I would've tried out https://supergeek.de/ [0]. No idea
about the remaining regions.


[0] https://twitter.com/lynxislazus/status/1282825714069319686

Alexander Couzens

mail: lynxis at fe80.eu
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