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Tue Jul 7 13:53:32 EDT 2020

> On Jul 7, 2020, at 3:56 AM, Petr Štetiar <ynezz at> wrote:
> Rich Brown <richb.hanover at> [2020-07-05 21:42:36]:
> Hi,
>> At the risk of opening a can of worms, I want to note that, to my eye, the
>> text in the OpenWrt logo appears to be placed a bit too low.
> you can see the reason at the page 3 of logo usage guidelines, so this is done
> on purpose.
>> Thoughts? Thanks.
> "The master logo is supplied as artwork and should never be transformed or
>  regenerated in any way."
> So please don't do such logo modifications.

This is exactly the "can of worms" I was referring to.

We are embarking on a significant change to the branding of OpenWrt. I want to be sure that we all will be happy with how we present OpenWrt as we try the logo in all our different use cases: Download pages, Wiki pages, Forum pages - other pages? 

For the record, I am extremely pleased with the new logo. I also believe this the proper time to make our GUI experiments and ask hard questions, since the logo has not been widely deployed. If we need to make a change, it will be straightforward to ensure all instances of it match the chosen final form. 

My questions:

1) I am asking the OpenWrt admin group whether they prefer the current appearance of the logo, or the adjusted appearance, where the wordmark ("OpenWrt/Wireless Freedom") is moved up slightly. You can compare the two at:
	- Original:
	- Revised:
   Is the wordmark placement a deeply considered decision, or would the designer say, "Oh, I see what you mean. Let's change it..."?

2) I took Petr's advice, and changed the padding to reflect a proportion of the image height (style="height: 3em; padding: 1em;") This does give a little more space to breathe, but the wordmark still looks too low to my eye. You can see all the various files as generated by the dir-index.cgi at:

3) The logo usage guidelines ( are a little difficult to interpret. The recommendations for breathing room use 1/4 X for the padding, but the X dimension itself is awkward (that is, not easily measured). I wonder whether we could ask the logo designer to give advice for the padding based on an exterior dimension of each of the four variations shown on Page 4.

4) Since I am poking the hornet nest, I will also ask if we are content with the use of the GalanoGrotesque font as the body font for web pages.To see how it might appear, I copy/pasted the text from the OpenWrt wiki home page and put it into: I am not fond of the appearance. I find the font is too light, making it hard to look at with my (older) eyes. I also feel it looks "loopy", in both the sense that it's based on circles, and it looks a little un-serious. I wonder if we might ask our graphical designer for recommendations of a complementary font to use for body text.

Thanks for your consideration.


> I think, that you just need do add more padding around the logo, mainly at the
> bottom, so the logo has enough space to breathe:
> "The clear space around the logo should be atleast the quarter of the given
>  “x” measurement."
> So for example instead of your:
> <img alt="Logo" style="width:180px;">
> I would use:
> <img alt="Logo" style="height:3em; padding:1em;">
> I'm not HTML/CSS guy so I can't help here, but that header looks weird/alien
> on wide screen display, as the main content is centered, but the header/logo
> is aligned to the left.
> -- ynezz

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